#145 Will China Take Over the World?

China has been trying to build a parallel world order alongside that of the US-led western system, and it would like nothing more than to be the world’s only superpower. It has long been laying plans to do just that. Is China’s rise to becoming a global hegemon more powerful than the US inevitable? We discuss that and more in this episode of China Unscripted. Joining us in this episode is Anders Corr, the publisher of the Journal of Political Risk and principal at Corr Analytics. He’s also the author of the book The Concentration of Power: Institutionalization, Hierarchy, and Hegemony.

The Concentration of Power: Institutionalization, Hierarchy, and Hegemony. https://www.optimumpublishinginternational.com/shop/the-concentration-of-power-e-book-7sg23

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