A ‘coconut’ is someone considered brown on the outside but white on the inside. It is said to be a ‘racist slur’, but it is really the idiocy of those who filter everything through race. White, black and brown ‘supremacists’ all fall for the same nonsense as do, ironically, the ‘anti-racist’ mob

They can’t see ‘human’ or consciousness, only the pigmentation of illusory skin. It’s the brain-power of a pea. See PEOPLE, see MENTALITY, see ACTIONS, not tribes.

A woman hunted by the police over a placard showing Rishi Sunak and Suella Braverman as coconuts has been revealed as a teacher whose friends say she doesn’t have a ‘malicious bone in her body’.

Marieha Mohsin Hussain was seen with a banner depicting Suella Braverman and Mr Sunak as coconuts, which is a racist term used to imply that someone has betrayed their race.

The married teacher held the sign up at the pro-Palestinian march in London when at least 300,000 protesters marched calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Police made 126 arrests at the rally and nine officers were left injured.

The teacher, who grew up in her family’s £2million detached home in Great Missenden, Bucks, attended a number of other protests, including one accusing the BBC of pro-Israeli bias, according to The Times.

But a friend of the 36-year-old said ‘there is not a malicious bone in her body’.

Her father is Mohsin Ali, a distinguished dermatologist who qualified in Pakistan but has worked in the UK for decades.

Her mother confirmed to The Times that Hussain was on the march but declined to comment about the placard.

A friend told The Times: ‘She is not the sort of person who would ever dream of doing something bad. There is not a malicious bone in her body.

‘She would never do something that was a hate crime. Marieha and her family are the most peaceful, lovely, helpful people you would ever meet. I am sure she would not know it would cause any trouble.’

Police are investigating a possible racially aggravated public order offence.

It comes after an ex-Labour activist is being questioned by the Met Police after being pictured waving a placard showing the Star of David with the Nazi swastika on the pro-Palestine Armistice Day march.

Read More: Woman hunted by police over placard showing Rishi Sunak and Suella Braverman as coconuts is a teacher who grew up in a £2m Buckinghamshire

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