After Taiwan, Will China Take the South China Sea?

The Chinese Communist Party has not kept it a secret that it wants to make Taiwan part of the mainland. Part of that has to do with expanding its control in the South China Sea. In this episode of China Unscripted, we talk about China’s long-term plan for the region, how Ukraine and Taiwan are similar and different, and the CCP’s close relationship with Russia. Joining us in this episode is Guermantes Lailari, a retired U.S. Air Force foreign area officer who specialized in counterterrorism, the Middle East, and Europe, and now is conducting research at the National Chengchi University in Taipei as a Taiwan fellow.

This is a highlight from the full episode No. 155 Ukraine is a Lesson for the West on Taiwan

No. 154 China’s Military Could DESTROY America If We Let It | Jim Fanell

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