Alex Jones Lawyer Responds To Billion Dollar Judgment In Historic Legal Case – NewsWars

Alex Jones’ attorney Norm Pattis joined The War Room on Wednesday to break down in more detail the billion dollar show trial verdict and what this means for the future of free speech.

“It’s a huge verdict and it sends a chilling message,” Pattis said. “The message is, if you’re outside the mainstream media, if you’re challenging the orthodoxy, and the orthodoxy determines what you’ve said isn’t true, there’s now a body of law…that would say you’re responsible for what anybody says if you’ve uttered an untruth.”

“This will make de-platforming looks like child’s play if this verdict is permitted to stand,” he added.

Watch Pattis’ remarks outside the Connecticut courthouse following the jury’s verdict:

Owen Shroyer and Alex Jones are hosting an extended emergency transmission that will last until midnight CST, featuring numerous guests with powerful analysis and commentary in the wake of the $1 billion verdict rendered against Jones and Infowars.

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