Alex Jones Responds To Ye’s Twitter Ban & Reflects On Interview

Alex Jones delivered an epic intro segment during Friday’s transmission of The Alex Jones Show as he recapped the Ye West interview from the previous day and touched on Elon Musk’s decision to suspend the rapper’s Twitter account.

After the establishment’s wild and reactionary response to the viral Ye and Jones discussion, the Infowars founder explained how he felt about West’s comments and Twitter ban.

After describing a portion of the massive news items he would rather be covering, Jones told listeners, “I’m almost tempted not to talk about the interview yesterday because we’ve got this giant audience of millions of new people that have never tuned in and what we normally do is not wear gimp masks on air and talk about how we love Hitler.”

“It was trolling at an epic level,” Jones continued. “I did not know that was going to happen… I said you can cover whatever you want and when the Jew stuff started I said, ‘Okay, I guess you’re going to do the whole show on this.’ And I believe in the First Amendment so I let Ye do that. He’s left other interviews where they start interrupting him so I let him say what he had to say, I told him I disagree with him.”

Next, Jones said he wanted to get Ye on the show to talk about the poison mRNA Covid jabs and the globalist depopulation agenda, but the musician didn’t want to go there.

“Just because I agree with someone’s right to free speech, doesn’t mean I have to agree with what they’re saying or what they’re doing,” Jones stated. “Now, he got banned on Twitter last night for putting up an image of a Sun symbol. That’s what the Swastika is, it’s an ancient symbol found all over what’s India today, what’s the Middle East today. And when he put it inside the Star of David, which is really the Seal of Soloman, he put the Hindu or Sanscrit or Mesopotamian, Babylonian Sun symbol in there that you see in temples all over the world.”

The Infowars host also noted Ye shouldn’t have been suspended even if he did put a Nazi Swastika symbol by itself, saying even by California law it’s not a hate symbol.

“I think it’s really defamatory to say he [Ye] was encouraging violence against other people because he did not call for violence against anybody,” Jones added.

Later in the show, Jones went on a fiery rant against Hitler and his Nazi Party by firing off facts he learned over decades of research and reading dozens of books on the subject.

“Hitler was absolutely horrible, and 22 million Germans died. They killed 22 million Russians, that was the real war, the U.S. and England were in the war but kind of like third benchers. It was the Russians and Germans point-blank for three years killing each other after Hitler snuck-attacked Russia with Operation Barbarossa.

“But, Ye doesn’t know about Operation Barbarossa. He hasn’t read ten books about Operation Barbarossa, he hasn’t read Julius Caesar’s Battle for Gaul like I have, he hasn’t read the writings of Napolean Bonaparte, he hasn’t read Mein Kampf, he hasn’t read Hitler’s book My Struggle so he doesn’t know what he’s talking about! Hitler was a complete psychopathic Devil worshipper. He was not a Christian, he wanted to outlaw Christianity. He was an occultist… he was a pedophile. He had his niece he was screwing from the time she was ten years old – when she shot her mouth off – killed. He was a meth head!”

“I’m not mad at Ye, he just doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” Jones said. “Hitler’s bad. I can also tell you who’s bad – the ADL would like to be Hitler. The ADL is an anti-American, anti-free speech, lying criminal organization literally involved in the censorship and control in this country, trying to take over.”

Don’t miss the full Ye and Jones interview below to see what took place with complete context and no establishment twist.

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