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Comedian and political commentator Alex Stein filmed himself entering the Barstool Sports headquarters to call out the company’s founder Dave Portnoy in person before being violently shoved, punched and scratched by several employees.

Stein entered the building accompanied by a shirtless man who he said was his “wife’s boyfriend.”

As soon as the comedian entered the room and said, “We’re looking for Dave Portnoy,” a male Barstool employee pushed him and grabbed the shirtless guy Stein called, “Dontarius.”

“Where’s Dave?” Dontarius shouted as he was manhandled by the staffer.

As he was being shoved out of the door, Stein called out one of the sports outlet’s podcast hosts for recently criticizing Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson.

“Francis Ellis, don’t make fun of Tucker Carlson!” he yelled.

While Stein filmed in a lobby by some elevators, he proceeded to call out Dave Portnoy as a “coward” and was confronted by an actress/musician named Tiko Texas who said, “Don’t talk about Portnoy like that. What the fuck are you doing bitch?”

The angry woman then started shoving Stein before she was dragged away by other employees.

A woman named Ebony, who is on Twitter as Barstool Sports Security, slapped the phone out of Stein’s hands next and began clapping her hands while repeatedly asking, “What you sayin’ though?”

Fired up by her friend’s attempt to goad Stein into a physical confrontation, Tiko Texas again joined in the squabble, asking, “What you really doin’ though? What’s crackin’ though?” and slapping his hat off his head.

At this point, both women started firing off on Stein, hitting him repeatedly in the face and leaving a scratch on his cheek.

“Get in the fucking elevator ho!” Tiko Texas shouted as she attacked Stein and shoved him into the elevator.

“You look like real classy people,” Stein said to the unruly Barstoolers as the elevator doors shut.

A second angle of the scuffle was captured by Barstool Sports as they filmed a podcast called Picks Central.

A woman on the show can be heard saying, “Yeah, love it. Get ’em Ebony! Ebony, Ebony, Ebony.”

Ebony and Tiko Texas posted a video following the skirmish where they warned anyone coming into Barstool HQ has to deal with them and called themselves “the original and the real Mean Girls.”

Alex Stein and Dave Portnoy have been feuding for months now after Barstool posted and deleted a video of Stein back in August.

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