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This is the shocking moment a mass brawl breaks out at a bowling alley in London, with police vans and cars having to attend the scene to stop the violence.

One person had to be taken to hospital following the fight which caused chaos at Tenpin in Bexleyheath, in the south-east of the capital.

Police have now launched a probe into the incident which saw several youngsters suffer facial injuries.

The horrifying footage shows the scrap kicking off at the busy bowling alley at around 11.15pm on Friday evening.

Two young women and a man are initially involved a tussle which sees the trio fall to the floor, narrowly missing green chairs and a table where customers would normally be eating and drinking.

Four other young men then surround those on the floor and appear to be trying to pull the man away from one of the women.

Shocked bystanders watch on as some of those involved also start kicking the group on the ground.

One man then pulls one of the women, wearing a white cardigan, up from the floor before trying to push her over as chairs get flipped in the commotion.

In the background, three others join in on the chaos, attempting to push each other to the ground and using the upturned seats to block punches.

High tables soon start getting tossed around as punches continue to be thrown.

One woman loses their shoe during the scuffle, while a vape flies out of someone’s pocket during the scrap.

With the fight showing no signs of stopping, the group have to weave around two pool tables to avoid getting squashed.

A man, dressed in a dark brown sweatshirt and seemingly a member of staff, then walks out into the middle of the fight with a set of keys hanging from his belt.

This briefly seems to put the breaks on the commotion but as soon as the scrap, which has made its way from the dining area towards the alleys themselves, appears to die down, it starts back up again.

One participant, who is holding a puffer jacket which seems to be trailing feathers from a rip in the garment, narrowly avoids a flying punch from a young man in a hoodie.

The assailant goes crashing into the member of staff instead and is soon sent to the floor by a heavy hit from the man he tried to strike.

A small group then seem to head for the exit as feathers continue to swirl around in the air with screams heard from people around the alley.

A considerable police presence then arrived at the scene in an attempt to calm down the situation.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: ‘Police were called at about 23:15hrs on Friday March 1 to reports of a fight on Albion Road in Bexleyheath.

‘Officers attended and found a number of people with facial injuries.

‘One person was taken to hospital for treatment.

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