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On Thursday 22nd February a debate was held in the House of Commons chamber on ‘Heart and Circulatory Diseases: Premature Deaths‘. The debate was led by Dean Russell, Conservative MP for Watford, who spoke eloquently about having a heart attack last August at the age of 47. He talked about the importance not only of immediate access to emergency medical care, but also about the rehab and lifestyle changes required. He also discussed the psychological impact including initial loss of confidence.

Mr. Russell mentioned the decline in cardiac deaths over the last six decades, from the 1960s to 2019, but he did not mention the increase since 2021. He also rightly mentioned multifactorial aetiology including obesity and smoking and our more sedentary lifestyles. He did not mention whether he had received any DNA or mRNA vaccines and no-one was impertinent enough to ask him. He ended his speech with a plea for action:

As I have said, heart and circulatory diseases cause a quarter of all deaths in England, amounting to over 140,000 each year, 480 a day or one every three minutes. Sadly, in the time that I have spoken today, five people will have lost their lives. I therefore call for urgent action to do more to protect our hearts. By prioritising the right action and supercharging the progress that has been made on addressing heart and circulatory diseases, we can improve the nation’s health, grow the economy and give people hope for a brighter, healthier future.

Perhaps not surprisingly, it was Andrew Bridgen who was first on his feet to speak and when the speaker wanted to limit him to five minutes, he pointed out the debate had already been cut from the customary three hours to only one hour, so she gave him seven minutes, an extra 40% for which he promptly thanked her.

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