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Roughly a dozen demonstrators gathered outside Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s house Tuesday on a chilly 11-degree morning to let her know they are upset with the city’s Covid vaccine mandates.

In late December, Mayor Wu announced that beginning January 15, most indoor businesses will be forced to require proof of vaccination and that all city workers must get the experimental Covid jab.

“Michelle Wu, if you don’t want us to be here every single day, let us go back to work,” a woman holding a megaphone shouted across the street from Wu’s home.

The group chanted, “We want to go to work!”

The small demonstration comes a few days after Boston Police Sgt. Shana Cottone, the founder of the Boston First Responders United group that has been fighting back against Wu’s Covid vaccine mandates, was placed on leave.

According to the Boston Herald, “A Boston Police sergeant says she was placed on leave amid ‘cooked up’ charges and is accusing Mayor Michelle Wu’s administration of retaliating against her over her criticism of the city’s vaccine mandate. Sgt. Shana Cottone, the founder of the Boston First Responders United group that opposes Wu’s expanding vaccine mandate, was relieved of her gun and badge on Saturday.”

Sharing her stance on the city’s decision, Cottone slammed Mayor Wu, claiming, “She has no tolerance for dissent and she is going to make an example of me to not only try and shut me up, but let anyone else know that for the duration of her term as mayor, if you dare challenge her or speak against her, say goodbye to your career.”

“This is motivated by my activities advocating for my group, Boston First Responders United, and all the workers in the city that are being affected by these morally bankrupt mandates,” Cottone added. “It’s very clear.”

Before finding herself in the crosshairs of the Covid-crazed establishment, Cottone was praised as a hero for responding to the second Boston Marathon bombing.

“This is 1,000% retaliatory,” Cottone said. “These cases were concocted as some type of political retaliation for my first amendment activities speaking on behalf of Boston First Responders United.”

Across the United States, patriots are taking political action against Covid tyrants using the pandemic to rip apart the Constitution and ushering in a medical dictatorship.

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