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Crickets should be considered alongside Austinites’ next meal, the Austin American-Statesman has suggested.

In a recent article titled, “Crickets are invading Austin — can we eat them? Here’s what to know,” readers of the left-leaning newspaper in Texas’ capital city are encouraged to chow down on the unsuspecting insects, which the article attempts to portray as a nutritious “snack.”

“Crickets can serve as a great, protein-rich snack,” the piece reads, going on to joke about various ways to catch and eat the annoying chirpers disrupting life in the Texas capital.

“Those are all exaggerated (and, honestly, not recommended) actions, of course, but read on and consider safely trying a cricket with your next meal,” the Statesman urges.

The article goes on to claim Americans are “a little behind the curve” because everyone around the world is already “eating crickets and other bugs.”

“Yes! People in many countries around the world commonly work crickets into their diets,” the piece claims.

Crickets, the article says, “have a good amount of protein as well as vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, biotin, iron and more.”

They can even “benefit gut health” if you’re able to digest them, because the “digestibility of crickets can vary,” the article admits, due to the bugs’ fibrous exo-skeleton, known as chitin.

Many cricket food products and cricket protein powders do not make it a point to remove chitin from their items, so any actual “benefit” they provide is questionable.

A study in 2019 that evaluated “edible insects and their role in the transmission of parasitic diseases to humans and animals” also revealed one-third of insects studied were shown to be pathogenic to humans, containing nematodes and other parasites — which bug-eaters argue means you just have to cook them.

The story also regurgitates World Economic Forum-approved pro-bug propaganda talking points including that crickets are “a sustainable food option,” while stopping short of saying eating the bugs could reduce climate change.

The article concludes by telling Austinites where to buy edible crickets.

While the inundation of crickets in Austin may be somewhat newsworthy, it’s a little suspicious to recommend them as a new “food” source – especially considering they’ve been heavily promoted by the globalist establishment in recent years.

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