AZ Gov. Candidate Kari Lake Schools 60 Minutes Australia – 1776 Would Commence If Americans Were Treated Like Aussies During Covid

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake slammed a reporter for 60 Minutes Australia during a recent virtual interview after the mainstream hack tried to paint her as a conspiracy theorist.

“This was THE most biased interview of my entire life! The Corporate Media Cabal is working overtime to churn out hit pieces. Sadly for them, I hit back harder,” the Republican candidate wrote on Twitter.

After the reporter interviewing Lake asked her if January 6th political prisoners should be pardoned, she quickly caught on to his antics.

“I have no say in that,” she explained. “I’m running for governor. This isn’t something a governor does, you’re trying to twist this interview and make me look bad.”

Lake added, “What I don’t like is that people are being held in prison without being charged. That’s unAmerican. Maybe they get away with that stuff in Australia. Perhaps in Australia because you’ve given your rights away, you melted down all of your guns and you guys have no freedom, that you find that okay. But here in America, we do things differently.”

“We have a thing called the U.S. Constitution and we have rights. We don’t take kindly to Americans being locked up for months on end without being charged. So, charge them or get off the pot,” Lake told the reporter.

Next, the reporter sarcastically asked Lake, “So, we’d be better off having more guns here?”

“You absolutely would sir. I feel so sorry for the people of Australia, they have no power,” Lake responded. “The only thing keeping us from becoming Australia today, or Canada, is our Second Amendment. And we will never, ever let that go, mark my words.”

“What we saw in Australia where you have internment camps and people are being forced if they’ve encountered anybody with Covid to be locked into a quarantine camp is the most horrifying thing I think I’ve ever seen a government do. It’s frightening, and if you can’t see that, I feel sorry for you,” she told 60 Minutes Australia.

Lake’s verbal pounding of the reporter was uploaded as a “teaser” but the full discussion was also released on Thursday.

To initiate the interview, the Australian journalist asked Lake about Donald Trump endorsing her.

The Arizona governor hopeful said she is happy to have his support, and explained that she is a fan of the America First movement.

Beginning to show his snarky attitude, the reporter asked, “To be a Trump supporter, as you are, do you have to believe in the big lie that the election was stolen? Is that a prerequisite?”

Lake answered, “It’s almost comical the way the media is portraying what happened in our election. You’re thousands of miles away, you really have no idea what happened in our election. The media has been pushing this narrative, calling it ‘the big lie,’ the big lie is what the media has been peddling.”

When the reporter asked for “hard evidence” to make him believe there was foul play in the 2020 election, she told him, “In Maricopa County officials violated Arizona statutes, they did not have the required chain-of-custody for at least 740,000 ballots. More than a million election-related files were deleted the day before they were to be handed over to our forensic audit investigators.”

“But Kari,” the reporter interjected. “You’ve had four official audits.”

She explained that there has only been one forensic audit that is admissible in a court of law.

After the reporter claimed there has never been any proof of election fraud presented in a U.S. court, Lake said, “It’s really rich to have somebody from Australia coming here, trying to tell us how our elections were run. And, you haven’t done your homework either. Why didn’t you read the forensic audit?”

“You’re coming here from Australia, where you don’t even have any freedom, and you’re trying to tell me our elections are on the up and up?” she asked.

When the Australian journalist told Lake that her own officials in Maricopa County have said the election was not stolen, she told him that she knows them and “they have some problems facing them. They lied, they lied to Congress and this is all going to come out. It’s not going to look good for some of our officials. We had corrupt, establishment politicians who allowed a corrupt, shady, shoddy election to take play out and they took the results of that shady election and certified it.”

The lazy reporter responded with a generic question asking if everybody in U.S. media and politics is “corrupt,” and Lake asked him if he’s fine with election officials openly violating laws.

Instead of answering, the journalist asked if Lake believes she can win the Arizona governor’s race since the elections aren’t fair.

Lake noted that she’ll have a better chance of winning because people will be more aware of the dirty tricks used to cheat.

Despite laying out how she’d try to prevent election tampering in her own race, the reporter asked, “So, even though you think the system at the moment stinks, it’s corrupt as you say, you are still willing to be part of it to be governor?”

Lake joked that it’s almost as if every reporter she speaks with gets handed questions from the same place, noting that she has been asked the same thing several times.

“It’s a big conspiracy,” the irritating reporter jested.

At the end of the interview, the reporter started to bicker with Lake about her responses, saying, “I’m sorry you couldn’t bring yourself to see the world in a different light.”

The potential future Arizona governor retorted, “Well, are you an objective, unbiased journalist or not? Why are you trying to tell me how I should see the world?”

“No, you don’t get any questions to me,” the scared reporter responded, adding, “This is the way Trump people do it, yeah? This is what happens. You have one narrative and that’s it. You can’t think outside the box.”

The triggered Aussie also accused Lake of engaging in xenophobia for repeatedly saying that “Australia has no rights.”

Lake and her crew laughed at the claim, with the Arizona gubernatorial candidate telling the reporter, “This is actually comical. This is like satire, the way you’re approaching this… This is a perfect example of the insanity of the media.”

“I don’t live in Australia, are you actually a respectable journalist there or are you kind of considered a joke?” she asked the mainstream stooge. “If you want to keep pushing propaganda buddy, your days are numbered.”

Lake continued berating the guy, saying, “You were probably one of the guys pushing the Covid fear so that people would stay in their homes and the children would be masked… And, the masking of children and the torture of the people, people are never going to forgive you for that and they’re never going to forget.”

“I suppose you’re the kind of guy who masks your children?” she asked.

The reporter’s voice appeared to tremble as he replied, “I suppose you’re the sort of woman who also believes the moon landing was a conspiracy?”

Lake persisted, and asked the reporter if he’s masking his “beautiful children’s faces.”

At this point, the 60 Minutes Australia reporter accused Lake of engaging in more “Trump”-like behavior and she politely left the room.

Watch the full interview below:

Harrison Smith of The American Journal covered Lake’s spat with the Outback 60 Minutes reporter during Thursday’s broadcast.

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