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Earlier this week, an advertising campaign for the luxury fashion brand Balenciaga went viral online for showing disturbing images of young children holding stuffed animals in bondage gear along with child porn court documents.

To catch up on the original finds, CLICK HERE.

The company apologized for the highly inappropriate advertisements in a message released Tuesday, claiming to be seeking legal action against the people who created the set and used “unapproved” items.

“Our plush bear bags should not have been featured with children in this campaign. We have immediately removed the campaign from all platforms,” the company wrote.

However, as Paul Joseph Watson pointed out Wednesday, “The notion that Balenciaga were ignorant to the fact that their kiddie BDSM photo shoot also featured a document relating to child porn is utterly absurd.”

Now, as internet sleuths dig deeper into other seemingly innocuous Balenciaga advertisements, it appears as if Satanic imagery, child pornography, and even cannibalism and human sacrifice are common themes in the brand’s ads.

On Monday,  the author of this article documented on Twitter a questionable photography book about a 13-year-old prostitute in the 1980s in the background of a Balenciaga ad.

Come Wednesday, Twitter user Natly Denise searched another book in the background of a Balenciaga advertisement and was shocked at what she found.

A book by Belgian artist Michael Borremans is seen in the ad below.

Borremans’ artwork in other books and at exhibits around the world feature grotesque imagery of naked, bloody and butchered children.

Other themes in the book include cannibalism, slavery and witchcraft.

Denise credited fellow Twitter user YungShabazz for originally pointing out the Satanic book.

Denise posted a brief video breaking down the advertisement and book.

A Getty Image search for Michael Borremans brings up photos of the artist and Queen Mathilde of Belgium hanging out at a 2014 art exhibit featuring his twisted work.

Another book in the same Balenciaga advertisement featuring the Borremans book is called, “The Cremaster Cycle,” which is another collection of occultic photography work created by Matthew Barney.

Later in her Twitter thread, Denise pointed out the similarity between the art featured in the advertisements and the eerie artwork collected by Senior Biden Advisor John Podesta.

In fact, the names Matthew Barney and Michael Borremans are found in the infamous Podesta emails alongside notorious Satanic artist Marina Abromovic of Spirit Cooking fame.

Thanks to We The People, the fashion brand is a top 25 trending topic on Twitter as of writing despite it leaving the platform last week and Fox News host Tucker Carlson covered some of the disturbing ads in a show segment earlier this week.

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