Biden Refuses to Condemn Abortion While Observing Ash Wednesday

President Joe Biden refused to condemn the murder of innocent babies despite wearing ash on his forehead in observance of Ash Wednesday.

Taking questions from reporters on one of the holiest days of the Catholic calendar ahead of a trip to Wisconsin, Biden was asked why he pledged support for Roe v. Wade during Tuesday’s State of the Union address.

“Pope Francis asked for prayers and fasting today for the people of Ukraine on this Ash Wednesday. Pope Francis is asking for prayers and fasting. What’s your reaction to that that, sir?” a reporter for Catholic Eternal Word Television Network asked Biden.

“I think he’s right,” Biden responded. “I was with the Cardinal this morning. He came over to give me ashes. We both prayed for that — for the people of Ukraine.”

“And last night, you continued to support Roe v. Wade,” the reporter continued. “As a Catholic, why do you support abortion as a Catholic, defying church teachings?”

“Well, I tell you what,” Biden answered, “I don’t want to get in a debate with you on theology. But, you know — well, anyway.”

“But why?” the reporter inquired. “Why support abortion as a pro-life —”

“I’m not — I’m not going to make a — I’m not going to make a judgement for other people,” Biden responded, as his wife tried to usher him away.

“If you’re Catholic, why — why defy church teaching?” asked the reporter, however Biden ignored him.

Biden’s refusal to condemn abortion and support life doesn’t jive with the teachings of the church which has for years affirmed abortion as a “moral evil.”

As noted by the Daily Wire, “Catholics believe each human being from the moment of conception until natural death has inherent dignity and is the made in the image of God, and therefore has the right to life.”

On Tuesday, Biden defended abortion as a women’s right.

“Advancing liberty and justice,” he stated, “also requires protecting the rights of women. The Constitutional right affirmed by Roe v. Wade, standing precedent for half a century, is under attack as never before. If you want to go forward not backward, you must protect access to health care, preserve a woman’s right to choose, and continue to advance maternal health care for all Americans.”

The Constitution doesn’t actually mention abortion; in fact, the law was passed on spurious grounds, as admitted by Norma McCorvey (AKA “Jane Roe” from the Roe v. Wade case) who later admitted she was used as a political pawn and later sought for the Supreme Court to overturn the decision, arguing it was “no longer just” and that “abortion hurts women.”

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