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A new video clip shows Joe Biden climbing the steps to Air Force One wearing a face mask, only to remove it immediately before he enters the plane.

The footage is yet another example of the absurd theater that still surrounds mask wearing.

“Biden wearing a mask while alone outdoors, then taking it off to enter crowded indoor space. Isn’t science amazing?” commented Dr. David Eli.

As we previously highlighted, Biden recently coughed into his hand immediately after taking off his mask during a bill signing.

It remains to be seen whether states will seek to re-introduce mask mandates this coming fall, although many people in Democrat areas have permanently adopted the face mask as some kind of ideological uniform.

As we previously reported, Anthony Fauci acknowledged that the Biden administration’s efforts to reinstate mask mandates on planes and trains is about preserving “authority” over public health decisions, not about keeping people safe.

As with lockdowns, the science on mask wearing has completely collapsed, although many seem satisfied to completely ignore reality because they have developed a bizarre loyalty to the mask and treat it as a kind of religious sacrament.

Last week, CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen, who for two years was one of the strongest advocates for masks and masks in schools, now admits that forcing her child to wear one harmed his cognitive development.



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