Biden Suggests He May Not Run in 2024

Joe Biden appeared to suggest for the first time that he may not run in 2024, which if true will come as a relief to many top Democrats.

Biden made the comments during an interview with CBS 60 Minutes.

When asked whether he had made a “firm decision” on whether to run for re-election, where he will most likely face off against Donald Trump again, Biden prevaricated.

“Look, my intention, as I said to begin with, is that I would run again,” Biden said in response, before adding, “But it’s just an intention. But is it a firm decision that I run again?” That remains to be seen.”

The remarks are different in tone to Biden’s previous suggestions that he will definitely run again two years from now.

Biden also suggested that a final decision would be made next year.

“It’s much too early to make that kind of decision,” he said. “I’m a great respecter of fate. And so, what I’m doing is I’m doing my job. I’m gonna do that job. And within the timeframe that makes sense after this next election cycle here, going into next year, make a judgment on what to do.”

With Biden’s poll numbers continuing to be a cause for concern, many Democrats are also worried that the president’s cognitive abilities are rapidly on the wane, and that he could get slaughtered in debates by Trump.

Biden would be in his mid-80’s by the time he left the White House if he won again in 2024.

Some have also pointed out the optics of Biden running against Trump, given the president’s involvement in the FBI raid on Trump’s home, asserting that it represents a clear act of political persecution.



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