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During Monday’s Olympic hockey match between Russia and Canada, players were forced to wear face masks out of fear of Covid-19.

Players were first told that the game had been suspended before learning it was only postponed for 65 minutes because the Russian team’s Covid test results had not been available.

Since multiple Russian hockey team players tested positive for Covid after Saturday’s game against the U.S., the Canadian team was nervous about playing the team without verifying they were all Covid-negative.

The International Ice Hockey Federation decided if both teams wear masks, the game could continue.

When test results returned at halftime showing all Russian players were Covid-negative, the Russkis took off their masks, but the paranoid Canadians kept theirs on for the remainder of the game.

“We figured we’ve already done it for two periods,” Canadian forward Natalie Spooner said. “Why not just keep being extra safe for one more period and make it through.”

“It’s not enough oxygen,” Russian forward Alexandra Vafina said. “So for us in the first period was pretty hard, but we adjusted to that.”

Vafina joked that defeating a hockey powerhouse like the Canadian team is difficult enough without having to wear the masks.

Instead of admitting how ridiculous the notion of athletes masking up during competition is, the left rallied around the Canadian hockey team as some sort of pro-mask heroes.

Liberals are mocking anti-maskers for not being able to handle a face covering while briefly shopping while the hockey girls were able to win an Olympic match.

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