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Freedom Convoy, Canada’s largest east-west protest movement, is rolling down the highway to its destination, Parliment Hill, Ottawa. On Saturday, January 29th, the Freedom Convoy will arrive to “darken the door” of the Federal Government where they will demand that all mandates against Canadian citizens be dropped immediately. 

Recently, approximately 38,000 Canadian truckers were walking off the job due to mandates going into effect on January 15 and 22, 2022. These mandates would prevent Canadian and US truckers from crossing the border if they are unvaccinated. The US Freedom Fighter Nation reached out to Canadians and are joining in as well to support the fight for their God-given rights and freedoms. Canada is taking their country back, by way of a nationwide Convoy-Freedom-Protest, and we are uniting efforts and taking ours back too!” ~ Freedom Figher Nation 

Canadians have a reputation of being a friendly, peaceful country but like a mama bear, when one is forced into a corner, the claws come out. Canadians refuse to be bullied, controlled and told what to do. They will not obey, nor accept this tyrannical behaviour any longer. The Canadian government is enforcing regulations and mandates that have destroyed businesses, families and the health of its citizens. This can no longer be tolerated. The majority of Canadians are taking a stand and saying, “enough is enough.” 

“If it’s an immoral rule, then it’s immoral to obey it.” ~ Dr Wayne Dyer 

The Canadian news media is reporting false information and not the real story. The trucker convoy is not about vaccines but rather freedom and rights as Canadians. The vaccinated and the unvaccinated have joined in together as one in this fight. They support and respect each other’s decisions to make their individual choices, whether they agree with one another or not. They agree to disagree. 

The worldwide support that the truckers have received thus far is overwhelming. As of Tuesday afternoon, January 25th, over $4,500,000 has been raised on the GOFUNDME page thus far. The donations will go toward the cost of fuel, accommodations, food etc. for the Freedom Convoy. Any excess will be donated to a “credible Veterans organization which will be chosen by the donors.”

These control tactics are doing the opposite of what Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau intended them to do. It has not only brought Canadians closer together but the world as a whole. Canada will come back stronger than ever before. 

Thank you Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for awakening Canadians to see the light in a state of darkness. 

We stand on guard for thee!!! aa727f2cc19b61 OroOS8CPCa3WF86IS0I Obe-NToagiLZhBceDhP8I4NzWm8lo 

Anita Russell-Baker



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