CCP Connected Big Pharma Shill Dr. Peter Hotez Says Disease X Is Coming & Will Be Worse Than Covid

During a recent interview with Fox News, vaccine-pushing Dr. Peter Hotez warned the world a new pandemic called “Disease X” will soon be unleashed.

According to the well-connected doctor, who serves as the co-director of the Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development, this mystery illness will be worse than Covid-19.

Fox 26 out of Houston, Texas covered the doctor’s warning, airing a video of Dr. Hotez saying, “So, I am very worried that as a nation we haven’t made the full commitment to fully protect the American people.”

A Fox reporter asked Hotez why many experts are predicting a new pandemic more deadly than Covid is around the corner.

“We have a likelihood that new pandemic threats that people call ‘Disease X’ are going to be arising on a regular basis. COVID-19 is just the warm-up act. The next pandemic may not be as severe, but it could be much more severe,” he explained.

While fearmongering about an imminent pandemic, Hotez told Fox viewers that “more vaccines” are the solution to whatever is lurking around the corner.

When Dr. Hotez was asked why there have been so many pandemics over the past decade, he laughably blamed climate change.

Ending the segment, the Fox anchor told viewers, “No one knows when Disease X, the next pandemic, might hit but scientists say it is coming.”

The startling claim a new pandemic is set to hit the planet comes as the Communist Chinese government earlier this week started reintroducing mask and social distancing rules for citizens due to a mystery pneumonia outbreak.

Hotez previously made headlines for falsely claiming he’s never taken money from Big Pharma and for refusing to debate presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about Covid jabs.

The clot-shot promoter also once suggested DHS force Americans to get the deadly Covid “vaccines” and has some suspicious ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

What does the globalist doctor know about the next pandemic the elite have planned and how does he stand to profit?

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