Change in Virginia tolls soon requiring taller vehicles to pay 3x standard rate

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — If you pride yourself in having the tallest truck in town, you might want to rethink your drive to work. A change in Virginia toll rates on Express Lanes is raising the prices for taller vehicles to three times that of the standard rate.

Starting Sunday, Dec. 11, all vehicles seven feet and taller will be required to pay three times the standard toll rate. This means a toll costing $5 will now cost $15 for the applicable lofty vehicles. Cars under seven feet will not be affected by the increased price.

The new rate will apply to all Virginia Express Lanes: 495, 95 and 395. Vehicles under the height limit with cargo that rises above seven feet will not be charged. If the higher rate is triggered by mistake, contact the Virginia Express Lanes here.

If you drive one of the applicable taller vehicles, no action is needed on your end. The increased rate will automatically be deducted from your E-ZPass.

As a reminder, Virginia Express Lanes are free for vehicles with three or more people in the car, but, only as long as your E-ZPass® Flex is set to HOV ON.

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