Chesterfield School Board hears pitch to lengthen school day

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The Chesterfield County School Board heard a presentation which advocated for extending the length of the district’s school day at a Tuesday night meeting.

The presentation, which was made by school district officials and showed to the board on Tuesday, Nov. 14, said that the school district, the largest in Virginia, also has the Commonwealth’s shortest school day.

The presentation recommended adding 15 minutes to each school day, saying it would help close learning gaps and help the district meet state requirements on class time — while keeping the first day of school the same between this year and next year.

Not every board member was in support of the idea and no action was taken on the matter Tuesday night, to the delight of many teachers and parents who spoke during the public comment period.

“We are at a tier three school and already get out too late, especially with buses being late,” said Todd Starkweather, Vice President of the Chesterfield Education Association. “15 minutes isn’t going to enrich our children any further, it’s just going to add stress to families, teachers and kids.”

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