China Is Dominating the Electric Vehicle Industry

China wants the world to be dependent on it for everything from socks to microchips, and with the electric vehicle growing by leaps and bounds, it’s eager to be part of the EV supply chain. Already, most of the cobalt used in EV batteries comes from Chinese companies. In this episode of China Unscripted, we discuss China’s theft of US intellectual property, how China is trying to do with the EV industry what it did to the solar industry, and China’s Belt and Road Initiative in the US. Joining us in this episode is Emily de la Bruyere, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the co-author of the new monograph All Over the Map: The Chinese Communist Party’s Subnational Interests in the United States.

All Over the Map:

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This is a highlight from the full episode No. 147 China Co-opting the US One Local Leader at a Time

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