City of Toronto Deletes Vaccine PSA Claiming Children Must Take COVID Shot To Enjoy Normal Life

The City of Toronto deleted a disturbing public service announcement Tuesday claiming children must take the COVID-19 injection to live a normal life.

The PSA shows a sad little girl staring out her window watching other children play before asking her mother if she can join them.

“No honey,” the mother replies offscreen. “There’s still something going around.”

“Okay,” the girl says, looking back out the window as text flashes onto the screen that says:

Kids should be out there. Not in here. Covid-19 vaccines available for children 6 months to 12 years.

Toronto deleted the manipulative video amid backlash and issued a retraction on Twitter, but did not apologize.

“The City removed a tweet and video from earlier today,” the retraction said. “We always strive to ensure clear understanding, especially about vaccinations, and will work to ensure greater clarity in the future.”

Toronto spokesperson Brad Ross also stressed the PSA was meant to “drive home the benefits of the vaccine” and that elected officials “were not involved in any way” in creating the video.

“The video created was intended to highlight the negative impact (the pandemic) has had on children and drive home the benefits of vaccine, as vaccination remains the most effective way to protect our children, families, communities and ourselves against the serious effects of Covid-19.”

“We do believe we can better communicate this intent and, as such, we have removed the video to better address the core message of children being eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19.”

Toronto’s damage control didn’t end there.

The city also deleted an entire catalog of children-centered vaccine PSAs from its YouTube channel after the videos began circulating on social media.

All the ads flashed the same message at the end: “COVID-19 vaccines available for children 6 months to 12 years.”

One particularly dishonest ad claims that unvaccinated children were responsible for students not being able to attend school, rather than the crippling government-ordered lockdowns.

This is further evidence that the COVID narrative is breaking down as more people realize the experimental mRNA shots don’t prevent infection or transmission and can result in deadly cardiovascular and neurological side effects.

In fact, cardiovascular side effects in vaccinated children have become so common that hospitals have started running PSAs warning of myocarditis in children.

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