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The experimental COVID mRNA injection are linked to retinal vascular occlusion, with vaccinated individuals showing a “significantly” greater risk of developing blood clots than unvaccinated individuals, according to a massive new study.

The research, published this week in scientific journal Nature, explained that of the 7 million people selected for the study, 745,041 vaccinated and 3.8 million unvaccinated subjects were left to compare after controlling for confounding variables like medications and contraceptives.

The results were startling.

“We demonstrated a higher risk and incidence rate of retinal vascular occlusion following COVID-19 vaccination, after adjusting for potential confounding factors,” the researchers wrote. “The risk of retinal vascular occlusion, except for CRAO, has been promptly observed in individuals receiving vaccines against SARS-CoV-2. The risk factors for retinal vascular occlusion include diabetes, hypertension, obesity, coronary artery disease, and stroke.”

In summary, the results found that “two years after vaccination, the chances of all subtypes… of retinal vascular occlusion increased significantly in the vaccinated cohort.”

“The overall risk of retinal vascular occlusion in the vaccinated cohort was 2.19 times higher than that in the unvaccinated cohort at 2 years,” the Nature paper concluded, adding “no disparity was detected between brand and dose of vaccines.”

Despite the clear correlation, the study claimed that “[a]dditional research is required to draw a solid conclusion regarding the association between retinal vascular occlusion and COVID-19 vaccines.”

Add this major study to the list of reasons to avoid the experimental mRNA shot masqueraded by the government and Big Pharma as “vaccines.”

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