David Icke interview with Mordechai Krispijn on anti-Semitism and freedom of speech – David Icke

Mordechai’s email to CIDI challenging the attempt to stop David Icke speaking in Amsterdam

As a result of the conversation with David Icke, I have sent the following email to CIDI Deputy Director, Naomi Mestrum.

To: the CIDI

TAV Deputy Director Naomi Mestrum

Last week I heard from the media that you are calling on Mayor Halsema to ban David Icke from coming to speak at the peace demonstration in Amsterdam. This demonstration is organized by a collaboration of various organizations under the name Together for the Netherlands on Sunday 6 November 2022. I also heard that you intend to organize a simultaneous “counter-demonstration” in the form of a flute concert during his speech.

This morning I spoke with David Icke and asked him three questions including whether he acknowledges the Holocaust happened and Jews were killed by the Nazis. David Icke clearly indicates and then admits that he:

1. Recognizing the Holocaust

2. That Jews were killed by the Nazis

Your claims that David Icke is an anti-Semite and a Holocaust denier prove to be inaccurate. David Icke may have had a different opinion on many issues, but he is not a Holocaust denier anyway. Because these allegations form the basis of your request for a ban on him to speak, I would like to kindly ask you to withdraw your request to the mayor of Amsterdam. This so freedom of expression can be respected. And where can this be better than at De Dam van Amsterdam?

I also invite you for a personal conversation in which we will discuss this topic together. This can be done through a personal meeting or via an online zoom if you prefer that.

I remain awaiting your response,

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