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Democratic Senator Joe Manchin described Vice President Kamala Harris as “dead wrong” following comments she made in an interview claiming that the southern border is secure.

Harris made the claim in an interview on Meet The Press:

Manchin admitted during a Fox News interview that Harris’ comments are clearly bunkum.

“It’s wrong. She’s dead wrong on that. And I have said this,” Manchin said, adding “If we don’t secure it — I voted every time for the wall. But we need the wall and a lot more, technology, more agents.”

The Senator continued, “The 2013 immigration bill was still the best piece of legislation I think that we have ever had before us. We couldn’t get it passed through the Republican House at that time because of some politics involved there.”

“And they — the amnesty, people were shouting the word amnesty,” he continued, noting “That piece of legislation would have corrected everything we have going wrong. But, for anybody — the vice president, president, anybody — to say our borders are secured, that is not accurate. I have been there. It’s wrong.”

According to data from Customs and Border Protection, more than two million people have attempted to cross the border in the 2022 fiscal year so far.

That figure equates to a 22 year high.

A recent NPR/Ipsos poll has revealed that over 50 percent of Americans feel that the southern border is under ‘invasion’ from illegal immigrants.

Raul Ortiz, The Head of The U.S. Border Patrol has also testified under oath that he believes the Biden administration’s policy of “no consequences” for illegal immigrants trying to enter the country has made the border less safe, caused an exponential increase in people attempting to cross, and has directly caused what he believes constitutes a “crisis”.

Border Patrol agents recently described White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre as “extremely dumb” following her claims that migrants are not “walking across” the southern border.

The Border Patrol are being told to literally unlock gates for illegal immigrants to walk into the country and get bussed to cities like New York.


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