Ex-Hunter Biden Business Partner Strongly Believes Laptop Suppression Swayed Election

Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of President Biden’s troubled son Hunter, strongly believes that the FBI’s handling of the infamous Hunter Biden laptop swayed the election.

Bobulinski himself provided the FBI with first-hand knowledge of Hunter Biden’s business dealing involving his uncle, James Biden, the Chinese government party and other foreign interests, and reportedly President Biden himself. Bobulinski cited the narrow margins by which Trump was defeated in key swing states, saying that he was all but certain Trump would have been elected had the allegations not been suppressed.

Bobulinski, a Navy veteran and the former head of SinoHawk Holdings, which he described as a partnership between the CEFC Chinese energy conglomerate and two Biden family members, discussed recent comments made by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg during an interview with Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Zuckerberg told Joe Rogan earlier this year that FBI officials told Facebook executives that “a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election.” The bureau then informed the company that “there’s about to be some kind of dump — that’s similar to that, so just be vigilant.”

Facebook and Twitter infamously censored the New York Post article on Hunter Biden’s laptop from being shared on its platforms. The story was blocked at the URL level, hiding the story from millions of potential voters.

“He used the word ‘dump,’ right? He said the FBI beat us [to] that a dump might be coming. They didn’t say there might be a story. The dump the FBI was well aware there was a laptop that well aware there were hundreds of thousands of emails and text messages and stuff like that,” Bobulinski told Carlson.

“The New York Post published a couple of emails trying to make the American public aware of it. But Mark Zuckerberg just casually said, oh, yeah, the FBI came to us and warned us of a dump,” he pointed out, adding that the tech giants “throttled” the story’s reach.

Pointing to both the FBI’s actions and big tech’s compliance, the former Biden business partner argued that this coordination had massive implications on the results of the 2020 election. Bobulinski went on to cite the narrow margins by which President Trump lost Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona.

“Twenty-one-thousand-five-hundred votes,” he said, citing Joe Biden’s net margin in those three swing states.

“The difference between President Trump and Joe Biden was 43,000 votes. If half of those people, 21,500 had voted for President Trump instead of Biden, President Trump would still be in the White House,” Bobulinski told Carlson.

The former SinoHawk Holdings chief said he was not laying out the statistics to show support for Trump or to oppose him, but that he is simply laying out the “facts.”

“So that election was decided by 21,500 votes – in the backdrop of a story that is the most suppressed story in the history of the US presidential elections,” he argued. Bobulinski concluded that the FBI’s role in suppressing the story affected the outcome in 2020.

“You can call it rigged. You can call it stolen. You could call it suppressed. The American people can call it whatever they want. But the fact pattern is the FBI alone altered history in that election,” Bobulinski said.

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