Face Biometrics Growing Role in Trust Raises Stakes for Fakes – David Icke

Face biometrics are powering identity checks for employment, air travel, and enterprise access control in some of the most-read stories of the past week on Biometric Update. The latter is through a partnership between Idemia and Microsoft. The threat that generative AI poses, for fraud in general and spoof attacks on face biometric systems in particular, is also reflected in the week’s top headlines. A guest post from Regula highlights how businesses can respond to deepfake crime. And a new tool from OpenAI could be put to nefarious uses, though whether it will and how effectively remain to be seen.

New guidelines have been issued by the UK Home Office for employers carrying out Right to Work checks to clarify the situations in which they are protected from liability by using a certified digital identity service provider (IDSP). Meanwhile, the value of biometrics for background checks was highlighted in a study published by researchers from a pair of American universities.

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