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We don’t know about you, but we haven’t heard much about COVID stopping anyone’s plans lately. Not to jinx us or anything, but the fall seasonal calendar has filled up quickly with a packed slate of things to do around Richmond. Sure, there could be another outbreak as we move into flu and cold season, but it seems as if we’re finally back on the path to some sense of normalcy when it comes to the arts and culture scene in RVA – notwithstanding large increases in the cost of living for many.

This publication has never aspired to be the kind of cheerleading, rah-rah, chamber of commerce publication that offers fluffy PR odes to anything Richmond-related, just because its from Richmond. We prefer being honest, though we believe in keeping an open mind, offering diverse coverage, and hoping for the best — and we recognize that artistic success is often in the eye of the beholder.

When it comes to the local arts scene, we’re impressed by the steady output and the commitment of younger generations to make their mark – much of it bubbling up in nontraditional venues, and from grassroots organizations out of view of traditional media outlets and mainstream audiences. And yes, we hear the naysayers who point out how all the cool shows skip Richmond between Baltimore/DC and North Carolina – and we feel your pain.

But maybe we should just be thankful to be back out in the crowded public spaces, spending quality time with our friends and neighbors while enjoying all the cultural amenities the city has to offer? Things could always be worse, especially if you still panic at the thought of empty TP aisles or too many “face diapers.”

Take a gander at the diverse fall highlights we’ve compiled for the months of September through November, and you’ll notice a true smorgasbord of events that any mid-sized city that can’t solve its most entrenched problems would feel lucky to have. Click on the below links for our current rundown of events in chronological order by month, though more should be announced soon. Side note: We’ll have a separate preview for the upcoming theater schedule.




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