GETTR Comms Director Celebrated Biden Victory on Jan 6

Ebony Bowden, the Global Communications Director for GETTR, celebrated Biden’s victory on January 6  of 2021, and has a recent history of writing anti-Trump tweets and articles.

Bowden joined GETTR as their Global Communications Director in September of last year. Her recent tweets and articles show that she harbored anti-Trump opinions into 2021.

Shortly after the 2020 presidential election, Bowden, who was working as the Washington correspondent for the New York Post, claimed that then-President Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud were totally “baseless,” and “unfounded,” despite mountains of evidence at the time that has since been confirmed in states like Arizona. Election integrity advocates have continued to raise serious questions regarding the integrity of the 2020 election.

However, Bowden repeated the then-popular talking point that, due to COVID-19, it was normal for votes to be counted for days or weeks after the election occurred:

“The president railed against what he called ‘illegal votes,’ not acknowledging that the US election is still in progress as legal mail-in votes are being counted and that the 2020 presidential race was simply not able to be declared on election night due to the coronavirus…”

“The votes currently being tabulated are legal mail-in ballots, but the president claimed without evidence that the system was ‘corrupt’ and again suggested Democrats were producing fake ballots to oust him.”

Only a day later, Bowden resorted to emotionally charged language, and snarkily commented on Twitter that the “federal judge hearing [the] Trump campaign’s Philadelphia lawsuit was in no mood for it.”

Unsurprisingly, when pro-Trump protestors entered the U.S. Capitol on January 6, Bowden was quick to condemn them.

Along with retweeting several leftist news reporters, Bowden celebrated the eventual certification of the Electoral College votes for Biden later that day, claiming that “democracy wins today.”

Two days later, on January 8, 2021, Bowden then proceeded to retweet a video recorded by antifa activist John Sullivan, known as Jayden X, which included footage of the shooting of protestor Ashli Babbitt.

Bowden claimed that despite the lack of violence from protestors, the video showed that “many more people – including members of Congress – could have been killed” on January 6 had police not acted.

In February last year, Bowden ran a story with the New York Post, attacking Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt, not for being a RINO, but for seemingly accidentally registering as a member of the Independent American Party, a small populist grassroots party which Bowden described as being “far-right, anti-abortion, [and] anti-marriage equality.”

Bowden criticized the party for allegedly “peddl[ing] conspiracy theories about George Soros [and] promot[ing] Donald Trump’s policies as ‘common sense’.”

Much older tweets and articles from around the time of the 2016 presidential race were also uncovered by The Daily Veracity.

After hearing the results of the 2016 election, Bowden said that she cried at her desk. “Was really looking forward to telling my daughters about this daughters about this day,” she tweeted.

“Instead, we voted for racism, hatred and sexism.”

She had also previously described how excited she was to buy merchandise from Hillary Clinton’s store, along with praising Barack Obama repeatedly.

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In June 2018, Bowden declared that Trump’s behaviour at the G7 was “genuinely frightening,” and said that the United States was “careening toward disaster,” while a month later declaring in an article for the New Daily that the then-President’s “American dream is an illusion.”

In November of that year, Bowden described meeting Clinton in New York as a “life highlight,” saying that she had the opportunity to “thank her for everything.”

In a statement posted on Wednesday, Bowden disavowed her previous posts from “five years ago before [she] moved to America” and changed her political views.

“People can and should be open to changing their opinion but many don’t have the courage to do so.”

However, the GETTR Comms Director refused to disavow her more recent tweets and articles since her supposed political shift.

Bowden is also not a fan of the rival Alt Tech platform, Gab.

In October last year, Bowden posted an article from the left-wing news site Daily Dot, which declared that CEO and Gab founder Andrew Torba was an anti-semite, to which Bowden agreed, claiming that Gab’s “antisemitic [sic] rot literally starts at the top.”

As the past posts from Bowden have been unearthed, the GETTR social media channels boasted about their current position in the app store, including on their Gab account, leading to criticism from conservative commentators.

Former congressional candidate Laura Loomer described the post as being “below the belt,” noting that “Gab isn’t in the App Store because they are actually 100% pro free speech,” adding that the post was in “bad taste.”

America First commentator Jon Miller agreed, adding that the post was “not exactly the flex GETTR thinks it is.”

It is unclear exactly how much control Bowden has over the GETTR social media in her role as Communications Director.

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