Globalists Now Pushing ‘Deglobalization’ to Usher In Great Reset

To usher in the Great Reset, the globalists are actually ‘deglobalizing’ the world in a sense by separating Russia and China from Western countries overly dependent on their trade.

It’s ironic given that, for decades, the agenda has been economic globalism meant to weaken individual nation-states by making them too dependent on foreign trade instead of focusing on their own domestic production.

But now we’re seeing the purpose of that agenda: to permanently weaken the West by cutting off trade from the East.

This is already happening with the ongoing energy crisis in Europe as Russian gas pipelines run dry.

Additionally, China’s trade with the US is declining, a trend that may continue as China grows more adversarial and strengthens ties with Russia and other Eastern nations through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

“China’s exports to the US shrank for the first time in more than two years while shipments to Russia surged, adding to evidence that slowing economies and the war in Ukraine are shifting global trade flows along geopolitical fault lines,” Bloomberg reported. “Exports to Russia surged 26.5% as Chinese brands filled a gap left by departing Western companies.”

“Chinese exports to the European Union held up better, recording 11.1% growth as China is supplying more energy-intensive goods that have become more costly to produce in Europe. Even so, the increase was still less than half the pace recorded the previous month.”

Unlike natural deglobalization, which can empower individual nations, this ‘Great Reset’-style of deglobalization will collapse the West by cutting off goods and resources it cannot produce on its own due to the decades-long push for globalism.

As a result, the West will likely go into withdraw much like a junkie cut off from his drug supply.

This will ultimately lead to a reduced standard of living for Western nations which is precisely the point of the Great Reset: to force the population into neo-feudalism.

When the middle class is decimated, and wealth is diminished, the population is easier to control and thus can be herded into a “you will own nothing and be happy” worldview that is at the heart of the Great Reset.

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