‘Golden Demon’ Statue Placed Atop New York Courthouse to Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Abortion – David Icke

A new state-sanctioned desecration of our heritage just dropped.



The demon statue to honor Ginsberg sticks out like a sore thumb.

“The image of justice as a woman has been present for centuries, but women only gained juridical voice in the last one,” Pakistani-born Shahzia Sikander said her artist’s statement. “Despite years of women’s struggle for legal socio-economic and political equality, gender bias still continues to create barriers for many women, whether it is health and education rights, equal economic opportunities, gender-based violence and race, or class discrimination.”

What were the “barriers” stopping you from having this monstrosity placed atop the courthouse?

There are no barriers to anything anymore — that’s why giant piles of garbage are desecrating all of our public spaces.

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