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A Jimmy Kimmel fan left a voice mail for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) saying they’d pay to see Jimmy Kimmel violently murder her.

On Thursday Rep. Greene published disturbing voice memos from Jimmy Kimmel fans wishing her harm, proving the ABC/Disney late night talk show host’s recent comments inspired violence against her.

“I would totally give money to watch Jimmy Kimmel bash your fuckin’ head in with a baseball bat. That would be so fucking hysterical, you dumb ignorant cunt,” one man tells Greene in a voice memo.

In another message, a man tells her, “Jimmy Kimmel’s right you should definitely get Will Smith’ed daily, every morning, lunch and dinner.”

The congresswoman on Wednesday filed a report with the Capitol Police alleging a “threat of violence” against her by Kimmel stemming from an off-color joke made the night before.

During his show Tuesday, Kimmel joked the female House rep. should be assaulted after she criticized Republicans for vowing to split with the party and vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, whose record of issuing light sentences to child pornographers was the subject of controversy during Senate confirmation hearings.

“This woman, Klan mom, is especially upset with the three Republican senators who said they’ll vote yes on Ketanji Brown Jackson, who’s nominated for the Supreme Court,” Kimmel said Tuesday. “She tweeted, ‘Murkowski, Collins and Romney are pro-pedophile. They just voted for KBJ.’ Wow, where is Will Smith when you really need him?”

This isn’t the first time Congresswoman Greene has received death threats from psychopathic leftists.

Earlier this year, MTG shared exclusive audio with Alex Jones of another vile, hate-filled, threatening audio message received from mentally-ill liberal.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Reports Jimmy Kimmel To Capitol Police Over Threat

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