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Infowars has compiled the most critical moments of the Alex Jones/Sandy Hook trial in Connecticut.

During the Wednesday live transmission of “The Alex Jones Show,” the eponymous host exposed the jaded way the court is operating.

“They’re instructing the jury that I say I’m guilty and that I say I lied. No! I am innocent! I only questioned things,” he said.

Watch as the judge in the Connecticut case threatens to hold Jones in contempt before the first witness ever testified on Tuesday.

The plaintiffs in this case happened to wait until Donald Trump was elected as president to sue Alex Jones.

According to the court, Jones’ lawyer Norm Pattis cannot mention the fact that Hillary Clinton brought Alex Jones and Sandy Hook into the public spotlight in 2016 or that Megyn Kelly revitalized the topic during her 2017 interview with Jones.

An FBI agent suing Alex Jones over Sandy Hook claims there are “powerful people” aligned with Alex Jones, such as Joe Rogan, insinuating these influential people have somehow prevented him from defending himself.

In one of the most critical portions of the trial Wednesday, one of the Sandy Hook lawyers admitted the true goal of the lawsuits is not to provide financial compensation to the families of the deceased children.

Instead, the attorney revealed, the legal warfare is meant to totally take down Jones’ Infowars platform.

Constitutional attorney Robert Barnes chimed in on the trial during Wednesday’s broadcast, calling out the court’s violation of Jones’ civil rights.

Infowars will provide further updates as the trial continues this week.

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