Latest on David Icke (as Dutch authorities are rushed to hospital with twisted knickers) – David Icke

Nevertheless, [Baudet’s] statement coincides with a pending visit by British conspiracy theorist and anti-Semite David Icke, who believes the world is governed by shape shifting reptiles and is due to give a speech at a rally in central Amsterdam on November 6. The Samen voor Nederland rally includes Baudet’s FvD and a number of conspiracy and anti-vax groups among its supporters. Jewish groups have now asked justice minister Dilan Yeşilgöz and the city of Amsterdam to stop Icke from speaking at the gathering, which will be held next to the war memorial on Dam square. MPs from the ruling VVD and ChristenUnie have also asked Yeşilgöz to intervene. A spokesman for Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema said officials are currently working on recommendations about how to handle the planned visit.

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