Learn the True History of Deep State Spying as New Twitter Files Reveal Pentagon Propaganda

Alex Jones breaks down the true history of dictators and the Deep State spying on citizens as new Twitter files reveal just a portion of the Pentagon’s propaganda operations.

“The intelligence agencies, illegally, with select corporations shutting off their competition, are going in and deplatforming new startup internet companies and harassing platforms like Parler and Gab and Infowars,” says Jones. “This is all illegal as hell… But, when you collude with the government or a political party and with the UN that brags they direct it… It’s illegal.”

Jones also explains how the fall of Constantinople that signaled the demise of the Ottoman Empire should provide a lesson for modern-day traitors who have infiltrated the U.S. government.

After the fall of the empire, the next leader of the region had all the spies who betrayed their own people and helped him take over the kingdom killed for their treachery.

Jones isn’t advocating for violence, but simply noting those who’ve been destroying America from within should be purged from the government and held accountable in court.

He also warns the useful idiots in the system they’re going to be the first ones the NWO gets rid of when it takes over.

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