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A massive group of single adult illegal immigrants – most of whom were men – were caught on video by Fox News being released into a Texas town via a small, unmarked office in a parking lot.

Fox News footage shows several federally contracted buses dropping off dozens of mostly male migrants at a parking garage in Brownsville, Texas. Black tarps were set up with a makeshift sign said “Border Patrol drop-off” above it. –Fox News


Fox employees witnessed men enter a small, unmarked office – only to emerge moments later and get into multiple taxi cabs, who were then taken to nearby Harlingen Airport. According to the report “there were no children or migrant families among the groups.”

Several of the migrants told Fox that they had crossed illegally that morning, paying approximately $2,000 per person to cartel smugglers. They also said they were flying to destinations including Miami, Houston and Atlanta.

Single adults are typically being expelled via Trump-era Title 42 public health protections. The Biden administration kept Title 42 in place but is not applying it to unaccompanied children or most migrant families. However, single adults have long been the easiest category of migrant to deport. -Fox News

Kristi Leigh and callers talk about how the mainstream media is ignoring massive trucker convoy demonstrations.

The Brownsville Office of Emergency Management has been conducting the migrant transfers using FEMA funding in order to facilitate “the transfer of these migrants to their final destination by allowing them to use services to contact their families, NGOs, or a taxicab,” according to the city, which confirmed that the parking garage is serving as a staging area for migrants to obtain travel information to “facilitate their transfer to their final destinations.”

According to Fox, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) says they aren’t involved in the releases, while an Immigration and Customs Enforcement source said they thought it was an ICE release.

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