Media Blackout As Thousands Gather To Mourn Laken Riley At Vigil

Thousands of people gathered for a vigil at the University of Georgia on Monday to remember the life of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley, who was brutally murdered by an illegal immigrant while she went out for a morning jog on her college campus.

The murder suspect, 26-year-old Jose Antonio Ibarra, illegally crossed into El Paso, Texas, in September 2022 and was released from U.S. Customs and Border Protection custody, according to several ICE and DHS sources.

Riley’s sorority sisters at Alpha Chi Omega set up the vigil to honor their friend alongside thousands of fellow students and school faculty.

The vast majority of mainstream media outlets totally ignored the large gathering because it clearly contradicts the narratives they’re being told to push, which is that there is no border crisis and millions of unknown illegals entering the country is a GOOD thing!

Several local media outlets covered the vigil, but it appears as if the only national news coverage came from an AP News YouTube video and a Yahoo News repost article from Fox 5 Atlanta.

The Fox 5 Atlanta article doesn’t even mention the fact that Riley was viciously assaulted and murdered, let alone tell readers the act was allegedly committed by an illegal alien.

“Augusta University nursing student Laken Riley went out for a run near the Intramural Fields on UGA’s campus Thursday morning, but never made it back home. The coroner’s office said she died of blunt force trauma to the head,” the article states.

With that explanation, she could have fell and hit her head on a rock.

Searches on both YouTube and Google for “University of Georgia vigil” or “Laken Riley vigil” only result in coverage from news outlets Axios, Yahoo, and the Independent, in addition to the sole AP video.

Network news talking heads didn’t cover the massive vigil, and outlets like CNN even told readers that conservatives upset about the murder are exploiting her death as “a symbol of xenophobia or hate.”

“Riley’s alleged killer is not representative of immigrants, nor do we even know yet if he is guilty. Any narrative that portrays undocumented immigrants generally as violent criminals is harmful and inaccurate,” a CNN article stated.

X users slammed the media for its blatant hypocrisy in failing to provide more coverage of both the murder itself and the vigil:

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