Megyn Kelly Slams 3rd Grade Son’s School For ‘Trying To Recruit’ Him Into Being Transgender – NewsWars

During a Tuesday broadcast, Sirius XM podcast host Megyn Kelly criticized a private school her son used to attend in New York City for pushing kids to question their genders and for promoting sex-change operations.

Speaking with Daily Wire host Andrew Klavan, Kelly explained her son was asked by teachers at his former NYC school if he’s sure he’s “really a boy,” if he “could possibly be a girl.”

This type of conversation wasn’t directed towards her son because he was signaling any specific issue, but was instead directed towards the entire third-grade class.

“They were saying this to his entire third-grade class. Third-grade class,” Kelly emphasized. “You could take puberty blockers and then when you get to be 18 you can have an operation to have your penis chopped off and build a vagina. And you’ll be a woman.”

She continued, “This literally happened to my son’s class of eight and nine-year-olds, and hence we are no longer at that school, one of the best schools in the nation.”

However, Kelly noted that the anonymous top-ranked school “is not” as great as it is said to be “if they are abusing your child every day.”

Klavan responded by describing to Kelly that the parental input into the beliefs of children is being intentionally eroded by the modern education system.

He told her a school like the one her child attended was “violating a basic first principle of your rights.”

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