Music Video For Hit Song Exposes Globalist Propaganda, Features Top Patriots – NewsWars

Hip-hop artist and political activist Hi-Rez released a new music video Thursday featuring several well-known patriots.

With an introduction by comedian JP Sears, the video begins mocking Pfizer, Hollywood and the global elite’s anti-human agenda.

In the song, Hi-Rez quickly rhymes his way through verses filled with NWO phrases like “you’ll own nothing and be happy,” and globalist schemes such as social credit scores and climate change lockdowns.

The timely political rap touches on nearly every major topic real truth seekers are currently focused on while mainstream media pushes divisive and distracting fake news instead of covering real stories.

Also featured in the video are covid vaccine whistleblower Dr. Robert Malone and his wife Jill, former NewsMax host Grant Stinchfield, Blaze host Alex Stein, gym owner Lou Uridel and activists Luke Rudkowski, Dom Lucre and Conservative Ant.

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