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Alex Jones joined Steve Bannon’s “War Room” on Saturday with a dire message to patriots and nationalists: defend your family from the globalists’ destructive culture that seeks to dismantle it.

Jones outlined the core tenets of the New World Order system currently being rolled out by the panicked globalists to collapse civilization before they can be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

“Their culture is pedophilia, sexualization of children, the destruction of the family, fentanyl, collapse, total destruction and ugly culture,” Jones told Bannon.

“Whereas our culture is God, family, country, prosperity, capitalism, classical liberalism, a real social contract to empower humanity and have the West, particularly America, be the shining city on a hill.”

Jones stressed that the Great Reset agenda is on the ropes and the people just need to continue resisting en masse and show their discontent at the ballot box in November and beyond.

“There is a giant awakening. People know they’re under economic warfare and we just need to say focused on the issues,” Jones said.

“Stay focused on Joe Biden being a puppet. Stay focused on their whole agenda of packing the Supreme Court…their so-called Green New Deal. All their major programs are failing.”

“So instead they’re administratively turning the border control off,” Jones continued, “cutting the crime control off, accelerating the printing of money and issuance of currency in just all-out warfare against us in the hope that if they collapse us, we’ll be so busy getting our Universal Basic Income cards as we watch the dollar die, that we won’t blame Bill Gates, [World Economic Forum founder] Klaus Schwab, the Democratic Party and the New World Order.”

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