New Veritas! Teen Alien Describes Escaping Cartel ‘Stash House’

In the latest Project Veritas video exposing the invasion of America’s southern border, a teenager who illegally entered the country described being held captive by cartel members who threatened his family if he didn’t pay them.

The footage, posted Tuesday, shows an 18-year-old Spanish-speaking boy named Eduin telling Veritas reporter RC Maxwell how the criminals hold illegal immigrants hostage and shake them down for payments.

Upon entering America, the teen and his group received a WhatsApp message telling them to meet a group of men near Eagle Pass, Texas.

It was then that Eduin was taken to a stash house where other migrants were being held for ransom.

“They [cartel] were taking people out of the room one by one and we didn’t know where they were taking them because we were locked in a room that we couldn’t get out and that was the moment I started to worry,” explained the teenage alien. “They told me that they were part of a cartel and they moved people. That I had to pay the amount they asked for and if I or my family didn’t pay, I would have a bad time.”

The boy’s aunt told Veritas she was contacted by the cartel and they told her if she didn’t pay the money, she wouldn’t ever see Eduin again.

“Eduin called me crying asking me to help him,” she said. “To pay the money. The only words I told him that day was that God would help him and that I didn’t have any more money and the money I did have was already sent.”

At one point, Eduin saw an open gate in front of the stash house he was being held in and made a run for it.

“I noticed the fence was slightly open. I decided at that moment to run,” he explained. “I didn’t want to walk or run on the street where they could find me. So I hid in that barbecue pit. I didn’t know what to think in that moment, I was very scared….I turned on my phone and called my aunt and told her I escaped and I need her help.”

Maxwell also talked with a retired Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent named Harry Jimenez who said the coyotes extort money from incoming illegals all the time.

Jimenez claims Homeland Security “have been basically told ‘do not conduct any proactive investigations’…so we basically don’t know how many incidents of extortion are happening.”

According to Project Veritas, a San Antonio Police report from the day law enforcement interacted with Eduin after his escape shows the department has videos of a person being abused in what appears to be the same house he was held in by one of the same men who captured him.

This story comes as the Biden administration and mainstream media team up to gaslight the American people into thinking the illegal immigrant invasion is the GOP’s fault for warning the border is wide open.

See the YouTube version below:

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