Parents concerned about traffic patterns where AP Hill statue was

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Just over a month after AP Hill’s statue was removed, traffic still remains a concern for pedestrians when crossing the intersection of Laburnum Ave and Hermitage Rd.

Hill’s statue was the last city-owned confederate statue to be removed and sat at the intersection near Linwood Holton Elementary School.

Kate Lanhart says she and her kids use the intersection often, and she has recently felt the need to hurry when picking them up from school.

“This intersection is too dangerous for kids,” Lanhart said. “When I pick them up from school and we walk through the intersection, we have to hustle and pay attention that there’s no drivers that aren’t paying attention and turn into us.”

Lanhart wishes the new patterns would be more clear, drivers would slow down and the intersection would be, overall, safer for pedestrians. She’s even taught her kids to not walk the crossings.

D’narie Kennard is also a parent who uses the intersection often and, like Lanhart, he said he is cautious crossing it and hopes for quick safety changes to the traffic patterns.

“It still gets backed up,” Kennard said. “I came here yesterday and there was almost a car accident because a car was trying to make a left turn and the car going across wouldn’t stop. Also, I’ve seen a car come around, hit the curb and almost get hit on the sidewalk.”

The City’s Department of Public Works (DPW) says it will monitor the intersection as traffic patterns continue to settle and will make adjustments to the intersection based on field observations, including prohibiting turns beyond the peak periods.

In a statement to 8News, Paige Hairston with DPW said:

An intersection study is planned for Summer/Fall 2023 though an ordinance established in 2009 prohibits a roundabout at that location. City Council can take action to rescind the prohibition on a roundabout at that location such that all options can be fully studied. Roundabouts are the safest way to address intersections like Laburnum and Hermitage. Design plans (near 90% complete) are available from the 2009 timeframe.

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