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A Qatari soccer player collapsed on the field during a match Saturday as a result of a heart attack, according to the Al-Wakrah Sport Club.

Disturbing video from the Al Wakra Club match against Al Rayyan shows player Othman Coulibaly collapsing and seizing up on the field at the Al-Gharafa Stadium.

The Qatar Stars League (QSL) issued a statement saying Coulibaly suffered a heart attack and is receiving medical care.

“During the 2021-2022 season QNB Stars League match between Al Rayyan and Al Wakrah at the Al Gharafa Stadium on Saturday, Al Wakrah player Ousmane Coulibaly suffered a heart attack which required the intervention of medical and ambulance staff present at the venue. It may be noted that the player is currently receiving necessary medical care and attention,” QSL stated.

“The Qatar Stars League wishes the player a fast recovery, and we would like to thank the medical staff of both teams, paramedics and doctors for their great efforts during such events.”

The match has since been suspended and will resume at a later date.

This is yet another example of a top athlete suddenly collapsing on the field since the rollout of the COVID vaccine started last year.

Just days ago, a 25-year-old soccer star collapsed and died during training.

Even the German press acknowledged the “unusually high” instances of athletes who collapsed during a game or in training.

The incidences of young athletes dropping dead or suffering severe cardiovascular issues since the introduction of the COVID injection have become so frequent that the corporate media is trying to characterize the litany of collapsing top athletes around the world as a “coincidence.”

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Compilation Video Of Athletes Collapsing After Covid Vaccine

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