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Radio host and former NFL player Demetrious Johnson, who vociferously promoted the Covid-19 vaccine, died on Christmas Eve from a rare heart condition.

Johnson, 61, broadcast on St. Louis radio station Hot 104.1, with reports saying his “sudden passing” was due to an aortic dissection.

The Mayo Clinic describes an aortic dissection as “a serious condition in which a tear occurs in the inner layer of the body’s main artery (aorta).”

The experimental Covid-19 vaccines have been associated with causing rare heart issues. Numerous case studies have also linked aortic dissection to the Covid-19 jab.

Footage from a previous radio broadcast featured Johnson arguing with a caller who told the radio host he shouldn’t be promoting the Covid-19 jab.

“Let me tell you what I’m saying why you need it Larry,” Johnson told the caller, “because if it’s going to give you a better chance to survive you need to use it.”

KDSK reports on Johnson’s passing:

More on Johnson’s football career from KDSK:

Following a stellar high school career playing for McKinley High School, Johnson earned a full athletic scholarship to attend the University of Missouri. Johnson graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education.

As a defensive back for the Tigers, Johnson was named a Big Eight Conference All-Star. He went on to be drafted in the fifth round of the 1983 NFL Draft by the Detroit Lions. After four seasons, he was traded to the Miami Dolphins, where he played during the 1986–87 season.

Johnson’s death correlates with a disturbing trend of people around the world dying unexpectedly since rollout of the experimental Covid-19 injections, a phenomenon chronicled in the “Died Suddenly” documentary.

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