Richmond City Sheriff's Office: Richmond Sheriff Promotes Program to Bail Out Parents in Jail

WWBT NBC12: Richmond sheriff promotes program to bail out parents in jail

The Richmond City Sheriff’s Office is starting a new program to help bail out inmates so they can be with their families while they await trail.

“In that time, they’re losing their kids, they’re losing their families, losing their jobs, their homes,” said Greta Johnson.

Randolph works with The Saint Paul’s Baptist Church, and they’re raising money to bail people out of jail, so they can be with their families until court.

Noting that people are presumed innocent until found guilty, Sheriff Irving stated, “It’s benefit is to have as many people out in the community doing well in the community instead of being incarcerated, whether they’re guilty or innocent, but all of this is pre-trial to make sure individuals can take care of their families and be a productive member of their community.”

Only individuals who the presiding judge had declared eligible for bail will qualify for the bailout program. The goal of the program is to remove economic barriers to for those who are eligible for bail.


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