Richmond International Airport provides smooth travel during busy holiday weekend

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) – Richmond International Airport expected to have 66,000 passengers during this year’s labor day holiday period. By noon today, RIC had already seen 6,000 travelers.

Labor Day weekend has historically been the busiest weekend to travel. However, multiple passengers were pleased with the stress-free airport during the busy holiday.

“We have had six trips this summer, and here in Richmond has been the easiest airport we have been through,” said Austin, Texas, native Bob Mayer. “We have had bomb scares in airports, delays, and mechanical failures, and so far, coming through here, it’s easy!”

In June, RIC canceled 30 flights in one weekend due to pilot shortages and rising fuel prices. Now, most passengers said staffing was not an issue. Instead, some saw double the number of employees at each checkpoint.

“Honestly, it appears to be well staffed, so this is probably the easiest airport we have been through,” says Mayer.

11-year-old Alana Phoenix traveled to Atlanta this weekend to visit family by herself. Phoenix said the airport was not too busy, but her flight home was full.

“My last flight was a bit cramped because each time I tried putting my arm on the armrest, the person next to me would bump with me,” said Phoenix.

One travel advisor at RIC said the busiest times for planes to land is between 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., so the work day is not over for airport employees.

Brian Butcher and his wife went to Disneyland for a business trip this weekend. After driving to RIC from Newport News, they recommend preparing for a busy holiday that is not over yet.

“Everybody knows Labor Day is a busy time to travel — plan accordingly, be smart, and get to the airport early. Make sure you’re checking text messages for flight delays, but most importantly, be safe and get home safely,” said Butcher.

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