Secret Knowledge with Michael Feeley | Ep10

This week, Michael Feeley takes us on a captivating journey into the concealed codes within ancient Biblical stories. As we delve deeper, we uncover profound knowledge. In this era, it’s said that all hidden wisdom must come to light, originally hidden to escape the Vatican’s scrutiny and the Inquisition’s danger. Sacred texts contain hidden codes for those with the insight to perceive them.

However, a recurring pattern has emerged, suppressing liberating esoteric knowledge by self-proclaimed ‘secret societies.’

Thus, we must once again go underground to safeguard these secrets from prying eyes. Ickonic serves as a repository, akin to a Rosetta Stone, holding hidden treasures for the curious souls aspiring to elevate their consciousness to Christ Consciousness. Join Michael as he unveils the concealed secrets and codes within the Holy Bible.

Secret Knowledge with Michael Feeley, available every Saturday from 6pm (BST) exclusively on

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