Security Forcibly Removes Mom from School Board Meeting

Footage captured the moment a Virginia mom was forcibly removed from a school board meeting Wednesday night.

The video was shot by parent Merianne Jensen, who was also reportedly blocked from attending a Prince William County School Board meeting and was made to wait with other parents in a foyer.

“WOW! This caught on camera RIGHT NOW at the PWCS board meeting. A MOTHER being forcibly removed!!! These are the jackboots in charge of educating our children! Is this the kind of syndicate you run,” Jensen tweeted at the school board.

Jensen explained via Twitter that the board “changed the rules at the last minute on capacity.”

“This mother tried to protest. This is what happened,” Jensen wrote.

Jensen told The Daily Signal security prevented many parents from entering the building:

She described the scene to The Daily Signal: “The security guard said, ‘You can’t come in, you can’t come in.’ [The parent] said, ‘Why? I’m here for the board meeting.’ They didn’t give her a reason. They just said she couldn’t come in and he pushed her out.”

Jensen provided photos of the foyer to The Daily Signal. She estimated that far more parents could have fit in the space Wednesday night. When she questioned the security guards, they told her to address her complaints to the school board.

The Signal notes Jensen recently gave an impassioned school board speech that went viral.

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