Sen. Hawley Exposes Biased Biden Archivist Candidate, Calls Out ‘Weaponization’ Of Federal Government

During a Wednesday confirmation hearing before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, the Biden administration’s candidate to run the National Archives was revealed to be a left-wing activist.

The candidate, political scientist Colleen Shogan who worked at the Library of Congress, vowed to be inclusive and nonpartisan if approved for the position.

However, as GOP Senator Josh Hawley (Mo.) pointed out during the hearing, Shogan wrote an article for the American Political Science Association in 2007, titled, “Anti-intellectualism in the Modern Presidency: Republican Populism.”

In the piece, Shogan made it very clear that she thinks Republican politicians and voters are intellectually inferior to their Democrat colleagues and peers.

The article literally claims GOP politicians have dumbed down their speeches and rhetoric in order to connect with folks on the “religious right.”

“Republican presidents have adopted anti-intellectualism as a conservative form of populism,” she wrote.

Shogan repeatedly refused to acknowledge her biases and claimed the content of the article doesn’t represent her views.

Hawley saw right through Shogan and said, “You’re trying to present yourself here as a nonpartisan. In fact, you’re an extreme partisan! Your record shows that!”

When the Senator asked Shogan why she wouldn’t “stand behind” her article, she deflected and said she’d “stand by” her “long experience, over fifteen years, of nonpartisan service.”

Next, Hawley explained the importance of having a true nonpartisan be selected for the position, telling Shogan, “We have seen what happens when you have political activists in the position that you are up for confirmation for and we are living through that as a nation right now.”

He added, “We are living through the political weaponization of the National Archives, the political weaponization of the Department of Justice, the political weaponization of the FBI such that half the people of this country cannot trust those institutions. We’re living with a president who calls half the voters of this country ‘semi-fascists’ who has said they’re a threat to democracy.”

Hawley’s fiery remarks were on the money as Americans are becoming more upset with the blatant weaponization of government agencies against conservative citizens and politicians.

Meanwhile, check out the video below comparing the mental capacities of the last two Democrat and Republican presidents.

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