Short-Staffed California Using Covid-Positive Hospital Workers After Firing Unvaxxed Staff

With Covid hospitalizations surging in California, the state has decided to allow asymptomatic hospital staffers who are Covid-positive to return to work.

In a statement issued to NBC Bay Area on Saturday, the California Department of Public Health declared, “The department is providing temporary flexibility to help hospitals and emergency services providers respond to an unprecedented surge and staffing shortages. Hospitals have to exhaust all other options before resorting to this temporary tool. Facilities and providers using this tool, should have asymptomatic COVID-19 positive workers interact only with COVID-19 positive patients to the extent possible.”

Sandy Reding, the president of the California Nurses Association, warned, “We are very concerned. If you have health care workers who are COVID positive care for vulnerable populations, we can spread the COVID virus inside the hospital as well.”

California National Nurses President Zenei Triunfo-Cortez called the move, “A major disaster waiting to happen.”

Another person speaking out against the decision is Bob Schoonover, President of SEIU California and Executive Director of SEIU California.

Schoonover told CBS Sacramento, “Healthcare workers and patients need the protection of clear rules guided by strong science. Allowing employers to bring back workers who may still be infectious is one of the worst ideas I have heard during this pandemic, and that’s really saying something.”

The state’s decision comes as it experiences a shortage of health workers.

The lack of staff ironically occurred after the state became the first to fire unvaccinated state employees and health care workers back in July 2021.

One reason hospitals are being “overrun” with Covid patients is because of mandatory Covid testing being done on incoming patients.

For example, recent data shows around 70% of pediatric Covid hospitalizations in the state are “incidental,” meaning they originally went to the hospital for a reason other than Covid.

Adults arriving at hospitals are also placed into the Covid ward if they test positive after seeking medical attention for separate ailments.

Even Dr. Fauci recently admitted the Covid hospitalization numbers are inflated, something mainstream media hides in order to keep the public on edge.

California is also considering issuing an order postponing many elective surgeries, a move that will be used to blame unvaccinated individuals despite the fact that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can catch and spread the virus.

Residents of nursing homes will once again be preyed upon as Covid-positive nurses are allowed to walk their halls as those same nursing home workers are forced to get their booster jabs by Feb. 1 or risk losing their jobs.

Will California soon follow the footsteps of New York and Connecticut in sending Covid-positive patients to nursing homes?

The liberal West Coast state may soon have a Governor Cuomo-level nursing home scandal on its hands if Governor Newsom’s Covid mandates result in the mass death that appears to be on the horizon.

Harrison Smith discusses Bob Saget’s death in the Monday edition of The American Journal.

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